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about me

Hello, I’m Jason! 

I am a bicoastal designer currently living in my home state of Connecticut.

I chose to pursue a Bachelor of Industrial Design at New York City’s prestigious Pratt Institute because Industrial Design allows me to exercise my passion of drawing, appreciation for 3 dimensional spaces, and for the challenge of addressing issues with creative solutions.  I have a deep understanding of how aesthetics and function play a critical role in a product’s success, and ultimately the value it brings to the end user. It is my sensitivity to the way every angle, proportion, and element of an object affects the space it occupies that makes me unique as a designer.  The occupation of space becomes expression in itself, bringing beauty to the world around us.

Delving into the world of Industrial Design, I strive to design products that change the way people view the world.  It is not up to the common person to look for beauty and charm in the everyday world.  It is up to the designer to consider every aspect of an object and make it attractive, functional, and timeless. 

My creative skillset extends beyond structural elements and into other medias, such as graphic and video design. My skills in computer work and hand drawing have been essential is designing dynamic and eye catching graphics, in both my t-shirt and men’s apparel designs. Whether I am editing a news piece or designing and remixing a video for my favorite pop star, my viral video work is always eye catching and pulls the viewer in to watch more.

My goal as a designer is to design the pieces that make a person stop and stare.  Not at its pleasing aesthetics in a conventional way, but in the way it evokes conversation and moves the person.  In my designs I hope to channel my eccentric and daring personality, creating objects or work that have a life of their own.

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